Vandeep Kalra

International Orders accepted


How do I place and order? What is the order flow?

An artwork will either be "Available for Sale" or "Available on Order". The artwork "Available for Sale" will be just as displayed in the gallery, and ready for packaging & despatch soon after the full payment is realized. The artwork "Available on order", will be processed and queued, and will eventually be hand-crafted by the Artist. Here, you would have an option of customizing the size and quality (mosaic) of the existing artwork, if at all.

When you "Place an Order" for one or more artwork(s), you will be asked to provide all details to enable us to send you a Quote. This quote can be modified if you should wish to modify your initial requirement(s). Once you will accept the quote, a Pro forma Invoice with essential payment details, will be sent to you. After your payment is realized, your order will be generated and either be shipped (Available for sale) or  be queued (Available on order).  

Can I customize an existing artwork that I have liked ?

Yes, any existing artwork (excluding Canvas Paintings) can be customized to your requirements and if it is practically possible. However, they will only be "Available on order". 

How do I take care of my mosaic art piece ?

Each artwork has a very high quality varnish, which will keep the tiles and the grout protected against external elements (dust/ dirt and scratches). In addition, your artwork will retain its sheen for as long. Just clean with a lint free damp cloth.

Tile quality – What is the difference between Premium and Ultra premium tiles?

Premium tiles are a combination of the best quality mosaic tiles (Indian & imported) and a smattering of the very expensive Italian tiles.

Ultra-premium tiles – Majority of the artwork is done using only the very expensive Italian tiles, incl. gold/ silver plated tiles. 

An artwork with a majority of ultra-premium tiles, is likely to be priced 30% or more higher. For instance, a single square feet of 24 carat gold mosiaics can alone cost in excess of 20,000.0 INR/400.0 USD. More of these tiles used and as desired by the you, the more your artwork will cost.

What is the difference between gloss finish and Natural finish?

Applicable only for Art pieces where natural teak Veneer (Wood) is used (mostly on Mirrors/ Trays etc). Both finishes are equally appealing and can be opted for to suit your taste.

Can the artist replicate a painting on Canvas that is already SOLD?

No. All canvas paintings are one-of-a-kind unique art pieces. However it is possible with paintings "Available on Order" (already SOLD), that you have liked the painting, and which the artist can draw inspiration from, and make you one based on a similar theme.  

How can I track my order?

Simply follow the below mentioned steps; 

‘Sign in’ to your account. Go to ‘My account’/ My Orders/ Check Status of the relevant ‘order number’.

What is the mode of Shipping?

VK Designs ships to all countries currently serviced by Fedex/DHL. Please email us at, if you have any issues placing an international order or if you do not see your country listed when checking out.

Orders once processed and shipped can be tracked using the consignment/tracking number on the shipping agency’s website. A mail is sent to the customer after the order is shipped with this tracking number along with the service provider information.

Can I pay in cash?

Cash payments are accepted in person and at the artist’s studio only. Visits can be scheduled on prior appointments.

What is "estimated Turnaround Time"?

Estimated Turnaround Time is a rough projection of the number of days the artist takes to complete your project. This time does not include shipping or delivery time.

How is the "estimated Turnaround Time" calculated?

The Turnaround Time is calculated basis the size and the design of the project and the workload at the time. After you place an order, the artist will send a quote with a mention of the estimated Turnaround Time.

Can the Turnaround Time change after I make the payment?

The Turnaround Time depends upon when your payment is realized and as/if any fresh orders by other clients are received during the interim.  

The estimated turnaround time can be changed at the sole discretion of the artist. However, the artist would commit to a date of completion, not exceeding two months (60 days) beyond the turnaround date. If the artist is unable to fulfill this commitment, you will be entitled to a full refund (if you should wish to do so).

Can I modify or change my order once it is confirmed?

The artist would inform you once she is ready to start on your project. Any changes/modifications can be discussed at that time. Any additional costs thus involved, would need to be settled in the final invoice, prior dispatch.