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Intricate detailing on the roses and the hourglass, inspired by “ink” art, makes this one stunning clock indeed.  Exquisite gold leaf smalti on the hourglass lends this design the oomph while at no time compromising its subtle sophistication.

Colored vintage hands enhance the clock, driven by a high torque SEIKO movement.


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Weight:                                4.4 Kg / 9.7 Lb

Dial Dia:                               58.7 cm / 23.1 in

Dial Thickness:                      11.0 mm / 7/16 in

Thickness (incl. movements):   38.0 mm /  1.5 in


Substrate - Acrylic; Grout - Epoxy; Clock parts - Aluminium coloured hands (US), Sieko quartz movement  

Mosaic - Glass mosaic (Sicis, Italy), Stained glass, Gold leaf smalti (Orsoni, Italy), Millefiori (Italy), Designer mosaic (US & Europe), Vitreous mosaic, Textured mosaic

INR 65,000