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‘Time will pass and seasons will come and go.’ – Roy Bean

This stunning clock celebrates the quintessence beauty of the 4 seasons. Exquisite glass mosaic of varying textures and colors have been scrupulously selected to capture the true element of each season.

This clock would remind one of the warmth of the summer, the freshness of the spring time, the golden autumn that lauds the harvest and last but not the least, the chill of the winters!

Vintage hands enhance the clock, driven by a high torque SEIKO movement.


All Dimensions Ex-Packaging

Weight:                                4.4 Kg / 9.7 Lb

Dial Dia:                               58.7 cm / 23.1 in

Dial Thickness:                      11.0 mm / 7/16 in

Thickness (incl. movements):   38.0 mm /  1.5 in


Substrate - Acrylic; Grout - Epoxy; Clock parts - Aluminium coloured hands (US), Sieko quartz movement  

Mosaic - Glass mosaic (Sicis, Italy), Stained glass, Silver leaf smalti (Orsoni, Italy), Designer mosaic (US & Europe), Vitreous mosaic, Textured mosaic

INR 65,000