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This contemporary clock transcends the common and entrenches into a niche of elegance and high fashion. Handcrafted Italian smalti in various hues, traverses the chequered path from the light of dawn into a mystical twilight. 

Coloured vintage hands enhance this clock, driven by a high torque SEIKO movement.


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Weight:                                4.8 Kg / 10.5 Lb

Dial Dia:                               58.7 cm / 23.1 in

Dial Thickness:                      12.0 mm / 1/2 in

Thickness (incl. movements):   41.0 mm /  1.6 in


Substrate - Acrylic; Grout - Epoxy; Clock parts - Aluminium coloured hands (US), Sieko quartz movement  

Mosaic - Glass mosaic (Sicis, Italy), Silver leaf smalti (Orsoni, Italy), Smalti (Orsoni, Italy), Mirror mosaic (US & Europe), Textured mosaic

INR 65,000