Vandeep Kalra

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This painting is based on a personal experience of a wild life sanctuary camp.  The artist captures her encounter of the tiger, on the prowl, while taking the camps tour on an elephant. The sheer beauty of the majestic creature left a mark on the artist and thus became an inspiration.

The painting details the tiger’s expression, the meticulous curves of it's strikingly striped form and it's roar that still resonates in her memories.

One can see the fine mosaic work with small pieces of tiles, skillfully cut and inconspicuously placed to add to the vividness of the theme. 


All Dimensions Ex-Packaging

L X B (Canvas size):    60.0 x 75.0 cm / 23.6 x 29.5 in

L x B (Incl. frame):      68.0 x 82.0 cm / 26.8 x 32.7 in


Oil and Acrylic on canvas; Relief work; Rounded deep green frame.

Mosaic - Vitreous glass mosaic, Textured mosaic, Stained glass

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