Vandeep Kalra

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This triptych-the “Tree of life” takes form as the artist endeavors to salute womanhood and as she celebrates her own being. Just like a tree holds its branches together and nourishes itself, a woman embodies the inner strength and spirit to nurture her true self. 

After a many arduous days of soul searching and inspiration, this triptych validates the combination of different media that not only complement each other, but also form a union as if they were always meant to be.

This visually stunning piece enthralls the viewer through the eyes of the woman. The backdrop is a merging of colors with the palette knife portraying the many shades of life.


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L X B (Net 3 Canvas size):   140.0 x 100.0 cm / 55.1 x 39.8 in


Triptych oil on canvas; Sides are painted with no staples; Can hang with or without frame. 

Mosaic - Textured glass mosaic, Designer mosaic (US & Europe), Silver leaf smalti (Orsoni, Italy), Transparent smalti, Wooden beads, Vitreous glass mosaic

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