Vandeep Kalra

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Inspired by this incredible aura of the Goddess “Durga” during the “Durga Puja” festival in Kolkata India, the artist was in particular drawn to the fierce intensity, eternal beauty and fearlessness in her eyes. Amidst these week long festivities and a plethora of breathtaking handcrafted idols and “pandals” (a temporary fabricated stage), one cannot help but get immersed in the fervor of celebrations that surround the festival. 

The glass tiles have been so meticulously carved and cleverly manipulated that these eyes almost seem to come to life.

This stunning art, not only is a statement, but also evokes our minds, emotions and spirituality.


All Dimensions Ex-Packaging

Weight:                         6.8 Kg / 15.0 Lb

L X B X T:                      92.0x46.0x2.2 cm / 36.2x18.1x7/8 in

Total Depth (incl frame):  3.2 cm / 1.3 in


Substrate - Acrylic; Grout - Epoxy

Mosaic - Glass mosaic (Sicis, Italy), Vitreous mosaic, Mirror mosaic, Gold leaf smalti & silver smalti (Orsoni, Italy), Stained glass, Textured mosaic, Designer mosaic (US & Europe)

INR 150,000