Vandeep Kalra

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Goddess “Kali” is synonymous with “Shakti” (a boundless force), and is the fiercest aspect of the Goddess “Durga”. Known to be the 'Protectress', ‘Goddess Kali’ is deemed the most powerful of the all the Hindu Goddesses. Worshipped also as “Ma Kali”, she is the destroyer of evil, or in some views the destroyer of the human ego that attempts to usurp the divine mind.

The artist celebrates the beauty of the fearless Goddess Kali through her blood shot eyes. This impressive piece engages the viewer visually, emotionally and spiritually.

Explicit detailing of the eyes makes the piece very real and expressive.


All Dimensions Ex-Packaging

Weight:                           6.4 Kg / 12.3 Lb

L X B X T:                        91.0x46.0x2.1 cm / 35.8x18.1x13/16 in

Total Depth (incl frame):    3.1 cm / 1.2 in


Substrate - Acrylic; Grout - Epoxy

Mosaic - Glass mosaic (Sicis, Italy), Vitreous mosaic, Mirror mosaic, Gold leaf smalti & silver smalti (Orsoni, Italy), Stained Glass, Textured mosaic, Designer mosaic (US & Europe)

INR 180,000